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New: Bike GPS RichTrack -
all tour infos in one file

This is a world first: Bike GPS provides now all informatons of your tour in just one file – RichTrack (.rtx). If you had to downlaod so far GPS Tracks (route recording), waypoints, elevation profiles and roadbooks seperately and each in seperate files and put an overall view together in mind, Richtrack makes it much more comfortable for you.



Where to get RichTracks?

RichTrack is an exclusive produkt of Bike GPS. You recieve the RichTrack files (.rtx) now with every download of provided routes from our Bike GPS tour portal. These data containe the precicely adjusted GPS track, waypoints, all tour data, the elevation profile with terrain and the roadbook with arrow symbols and location- and direction details to every waypoint in text form.

The new interactive Bike GPS tour planner allowes you also to combine many routes out of sections with multiple varieties. The clou: all sections are reversible by mouse click. You decide the direction you want to ride the tour- not rideable parts get marked as hike-a-bike sections.



Your individuel combination is ready to download as a RichTrack file for 3,8ct/km (prepayment) or 4,5 ct/km (credit card) with the complete route data except for the roadbook- we are working on a program for that!


How to read RichTrack files?

Easy: with the new software Bike GPS RichTrack Factory. The base version is free to download on www.bike-gps.com. This software enables you to:

- to preview your self planned or ready to ride tour on a 200m resoluted satelite picture (overview map)
- show and print the elevation profile with route data and terrain information
- see and print the roadbook with waypoints, arrows, location- and direction details, time schedules and many more informations
- reduce, add, devide your RichTrack and download it onto your garmin navigation device

With which GPS devices is RichTrack compatible?

You can upload the Bike GPS RichTracks with Bike GPS RichTrack Factory on all Garmin Outdoor GPS devices – including the new Garmin devices Oregon, Colorado, Dakota and Edge 605/705. All devices are available in our Bike GPS online store. Admittedly they can not show any roadbook informations with arrow symbols. This handy function only works with your mobile phone with the Bike GPS Mobile software.

New feature: the download of tracks and waypoints on Garmin devices works with just one mouse click. During the upload of several RichTrack files of seperate routes waypoints with the same number automaticaly receives an appendixed number (001, 002...). The RichTrack Factory also allowes you to mixe shorter tracks to one long one or to reduce longer ones in their points, or to split the upload in 500s packages for Garmin, Vista or 60Csx.

The Bike GPS RichTrack Factory offers you furthermore many handy functions, starting in the base version. More about the software here.