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Bike GPS Tour Planner for your individual tour


Now you can create your own dream tour – long distance or short, easy to pedal or tough – and all for free online: the new Bike GPS Tour Planner offers you a hugh network of mountainbike-, transalp- and roadbike tours in the alps, shortly also in the german low mountain range and other parts of europe.




Just a few mouse clicks away – your individuel route, all route data, terrain conditions and elevation profile available immediately. The special: planning your tour in reverse direction is now possible, hike-a-bike sections  get  marked in the profile.


This planning is for free! By the time you need the full GPS data with waypoints, elevation profile and terrain information you can acquire the precice navigation data as Bike GPS RichTrack for the accustomed favorable prices. Just click on the red button top left “Interactive Bike GPS Tour Planner“.


In the Bike GPS Tour Planner you choose first of all between mountainbike or road bike tours: with a click on “mountainbike tours“ top right in the blue menue you can switch to road bike tours and back. You immediately see the specific Bike GPS route net as yellow lines and all important location- and area names.


The Bike GPS satellite picture


You can drag the satellite picture with click and hold left mouse button. Opening the satellite picture  you have a 60 metre resolution in the area of Garmisch/Mittenwald. You can center the picture to another point with clicking on that area. To zoom in use the red “+“ and “-“ in the menue. You will see the different scale above.


The Bike GPS satellite picture in the Tour Planner contents the central area of Europe from the Danish border to Napels and from Marseille to Croatia. You can zoom in from 200 meter resolution as an overview map to a 100, 60 and 30 meters ( distance per pixel of the picture) resolution. In the area of the Alps we also offer you a satellite imagery with 15meter resolution.


Fantastic aerial photos in North Italy


Fascinating: For the area of the north italien provinces of South Tyrolia, Trentino, Lombardy and Veneto we offer you additional to the satellite imagery high resoluted and high precice aerial photos (copyright: CGR – Compagnia Generale Riprese Aeree S.p.A.) in each 7.5, 2.5 and one meter resolution. These one of a kind precice aerial photos provide you the best planning options in many sections where no digital maps exist yet.


It´s so easy to plan your route


1.step: Choose or search your start location

Your favorite start location gets onto the screen by typing in the city name ( e.g. Mittenwald or Lindau). The Tour Planner shows automatically the choosen region, or you drag and drop the satellite imagery with held left mouse click. You can also zoom in with the click buttons above (+/-) in 8 grades. The zoom ranges from an overview over the Alps to a exact location map with roads and trails.


2.step: Select the first riding part and the direction

When you click on a yellow route part of the Bike GPS network it turns orange and the tour data ( length, elevation gain and loss, terrain condition in %) automatically show up as “section information“. The riding direction is marked with cross lines at the destination. By clicking on the section eather on one end or on the other end you can vary the direction. With another click  you fix the direction – it stays orange now. You can still change the direction of a once fixed section by using the double arrow sign in the window “section information“.


3.step: Adding the section to your summary

Click now on the red button “adding section“. The added section shows up in red. Now the Tour Planner comes in place: in a window on the right “tour informations“ all added sections get collected  with all data of your current route planning.


Below you see the elevation profile that gets actualized with every planning step. The data in the window “section information“ get set back, at the same time the window “access information“ with several access sections pops up.


4.step: Adding further sections

The possible sections can get choosen eather out of the map by moving the mouse or out of the folder “access information“. The selected section shows up in orange both in the window and on the map. The data also shows up in “section information“. By clicking eather on the choosen section or on one of the listed access options the selected section gets fixed.

With the red button “adding section“ the access section gets attached to the first section. Repeat that step now until your planned tour is completed. This way you can plan a complete transalp tour or a multi day tour in one piece.

Every planning step can get reversed by clicking on the backwards arrow in the upper menue. You can also delete the whole tour by one click in the under menue “Tour“


5.step: Save your planning

You can save your planned route before you aquire the data with three posibilities: you can a) bookmark the adress bar or b)copy the URL into a text document or c) send the link as email.


6.step: Buy the planned route

To aquire the planned tour click on “Buy planned tour“ in the window “Tour Information“ or in the menue “Tour“ on “Buy Tour“.


More tips for working with the Bike GPS Tour Planner


If the overlayed names on the map bother you while planning they can get blend in and out over the menue “Window“/ “Map label“. You can also close all windows and the elevation profile with the close window and open them again with the window. The system captures the new position during the session even when the window is hidden and opened again.


Move the mouse over the locations in the elevation profiles. As it shows up in the map window the point get enlighted with a green square. Clicking on the name centers the map to that location. That way you are able to follow the whole route succesively from one city to the next.


Den blauen Menübalken oben können Sie durch einen Klick auf das rote Quadrat in der Mitte des Balkens ein- und ausgeblenden.


The blue menue bar can get blend in and out by clicking on the red square in the middle of the bar.

If the imagery of route net and map should be defective or the route graphic screws up you can easily rebuild the current imagery with your so far planned route by clicking on “Rebuild current screen“ in the menue “Window“.

The location names on the map are always touching the named area with the left upper corner.

If certain picture tiles in the map need longer to upload (“Tile gets uploaded at the moment. Please reload again later.“) hit  “Reload current screen“ in the menue “Window“ to see the map.

How fast you can zoom or drag the map depends on your internet connection. As soon as the map is loaded in your cache you can move it faster.