Top novelties with Bike GPS:
Route planner, RichTrack, new software

Innovative fireworks with Bike GPS, the European-wide leading InterNet route portal for Mountainbiker and racing cycle drivers: Immediately you receive exclusively with Bike GPS new, fantastic and easily to use tools for planning your personal routes in the InterNet, for looking at and administration of your routes at your windows PC at home and for transferring the data to its GPS equipment. The Clou is the new Bike GPS data format direction rack, in which all route data are united. Thus navigating on the Bike becomes substantially more simply, more comfortable and safer.

Bike GPS route planner

The new Bike GPS route planner offers an enormous network at Mountainbike, Transalp and racing cycle distances in the alps, in the German low mountain ranges and other parts of Europe to you. They can arrange themselves thereby completely freely on satellite photos and in north Italy even on highly soluble aerial photographs your own routes, read off immediately all data of your individually planned route and let the elevator profile indicate. This planning is free. Only if you liked to receive the GPS data with waypoints, elevator profile and underground information, you can acquire these precisely maintained navigation data to the used favorable Bike GPS prices. Inform about the functions and advantages of the new Bike GPS of route planner in the column GPS consultation.

Bike GPS RichTrack

What is RichTrack? If you had to download so far GPS TRACKs (way recording), waypoints, elevator profiles, Roadbooks, photos and maps separately in each case as separate files and join as it were in the head to an overall view of the route, then the whole becomes now many more comfortable for you: With the purchase of a route of Bike GPS you receive only one file, into all information are contained - a TRACK enriched with many additional information - to the Bike GPS direction rack (file dung .rtx).

Bike GPS RichTrack Factory

In order the direction rack of your personal route, you from the Bike GPS route planner downloaden or the fixed route, which you buy in the Bike GPS route portal, indicate on your Windows PC at home and to its min GPS equipment to transfer to be able, need the new software Bike GPS RichTrack Factory. This software is for free in the basic version and you can  download it on your Windows PC at any time. The RichTrack Factory offers many functions to you and opposite past Uploadern crucial advantages. Please read in addition also the detailed information in the GPS consultation.