Bike GPS - the rhythm of a new age

The new Bike GPS navigation - just like music: as a modern music listener of today you use:

- an online music portal to search, buy and download your favourite titles
- a music program on your pc to play and store the music
- an mp3 player or iPod to listen to the music while you are travelling


The new Bike GPS system works on the same principles:

- with the new interaktive route planner on you can create your personel routes easy and comfortable
- The PC software Bike GPS Rich Track Factory (base version for free) alowes you to preview and administrate your tours and download them onto your GPS device
- with a Garmin GPS or the software Bike GPS Mobile on your mobile phone you can follow your route absolutely certain
With these three innovationes you get a easy to handle and user-friendly system that provides you a fun, comfortable and save tour planning and route riding. The organisation of single day, multi day or transalp tours on satelite pictures or high resolution aireal photos get to a mere child´s play and amplifies the anticipation for your bike trip. Downloading your navigation data in the new Rich Track format onto your PC at home, preview, editing, administrate the routes in and download it onto your Garmin device becomes so easy with the new Bike GPS RichTrack Factory software (free base version download under that even GPS beginners can handle these proceses.




Bike GPS Route Planner in the Internet


Bike GPS RichTrack Factory on your PC

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The "Bike GPS principle" – easy handling of Bike GPS Route Planner, Bike GPS RichTrack Factory and your GPS device.